Manage Container Configuration
Learn how to change the configuration of your containers in Humanitec.


Humanitec uses a base configuration for all Containers. This configuration is defined in the Workload Profile. Your DevOps team can configure it depending on the general requirements of your team. However, you can also adjust the Container Configuration for individual Workloads as needed. This section explains how.

Change Container Configuration

You can find the Container Configuration on the Workload Details Screen. You can adjust the Container Configuration separately for each Container in your Workload. You can define and change the following elements:
  • The Liveness Probe and the Readiness Probe. These probes are used to determine if the container is alive and ready to accept requests.
  • The maximum and minimum resource requirements for both, CPU and Memory. By default these are set to: CPU: min 0.025 and max 0.250 Memory: min 64 MB and max 256 MB.
  • An alternative command to run on container startup.