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Humanitec enables platform teams to build Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) on top of their existing stack in days. Developers use IDPs to manage the entire post-commit app lifecycle, self-serving any piece of infrastructure they need to run their services.
This includes deploying applications continuously, spinning up and managing fully provisioned environments, adding/changing resources. It reduces waiting times for developers and overhead for Ops, saving a 7-person team around 50 hours a week, on average.
Humanitec integrates with the existing platform setups (CI/CD tools, IaC, etc.) and lets platform teams define default building blocks and automations. Developers use those to model deployments, environments, and applications dynamically. Any deployment is represented by auto-generated, plain manifests. Humanitec is extensible and customizable through open-source drivers. It’s built for zero lock-in, is un-opinionated, and opts for “golden paths over cages” by default.
If you want to understand this conceptually or see hands-on demos, learn how to migrate your setup or how this relates to your setup today, check out the video playlists on our learning hub or read our FAQs.

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To get started with Humanitec, learn how to work with an application, connect your infrastructure, migrate an existing application, or check the technical requirements to see whether you're ready to build your IDP with Humanitec.

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Troubleshooting Tips – Find guidance for troubleshooting deployments, resources, and more.
Video Demos – Explore the demos on our learning hub for real-life setups and more.
Platform Engineering Community - Join a lively community of Platform Engineers in Slack.
Custom Packages – Contact our team if you require particular integrations or features.
User Feedback – Humanitec’s research team is here to advocate for you as our product continues to grow.
Docs Feedback – Use the feedback form at the bottom of any docs page to let us know what you find most useful in the docs and what could use improvement. We look forward to hearing from you!
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