Humanitec Documentation

Humanitec provides an elegant, open API and a developer-focused UI to master Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes-ready applications. It helps teams increase development velocity by allowing engineers to easily spin up the tech they need on their own. Using Humanitec’s abstractions and integrations, teams manage environments, simplify maintenance, and prevent cloud vendor lock-in.

Getting started with Humanitec is easy.

  1. If you don’t have access to Humanitec yet, head over to and register for a free trial.
  2. Get an overview over what Humanitec is in the Overview section and learn how to get started in the Quickstart section. More detailed hands-on tutorials can be found in the How-to Guides.
  3. Get help if you are stuck in the Troubleshooting section and learn more about the basic concepts in Humanitec in the Concepts section.
  4. Extend and automate Humanitec using our open API as documented in the separate API Reference.

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