Override values & secrets

Learn how to override default App values & secrets

Variable Hierarchy

Humanitec allows you to define Values and Secrets in a hierarchical way: on App level, Environment Level and Workload level. The highest hierarchical level is the App level. You can go to the App Settings Screen, in each of your Apps, and define Environment Variables that are important within the context of your App.

Environment Level

The hierarchical level following the App Level is the Environment level. In the Environment Settings Screen you can specify Values and Secrets Overrides.
To create or update shared values and secrets overrides, you will need to have the Administrator role within your Organization or hold the Owner/ Developer role on the App. Learn more about RBAC in Humanitec here.
  • Start on the Environment Settings Screen and navigate to the shared values and secrets overrides section.
  • Previously defined App default values can be overridden for each Environment. In the example below, the value of DEBUG_LOGGING was overridden to off for this Environment. Values referenced in the container variables section of a Workload via ${values.KEY}, will now be resolved to the value defined for the respective environment.
Example for Environment Variables on the Environment Settings Screen
Our CLI is currently in closed beta. Please contact us if you want to learn more.
Environment level value and secret overrides can be defined via the Create Shared Value endpoint.
Learn more about how Environment Variables and Secrets are managed in Humanitec below: