Roll back Deployments
Learn how to roll back a Deployment in Humanitec.


Being able to roll back Deployments easily - especially in development Environments - can significantly improve the overall development process and speed. Humanitec supports rolling back a Deployment very easily.
Note, that there are typical limitations to rollbacks especially related to database changes that require data migration which we cannot overcome. We are working on solutions to also make these processes more convenient but this will need some more time. Let us know if you happen to have great ideas about this topic.

Roll back a Deployment

You can roll back a Deployment from the App Details Screen.
  • Click on the Deployment you want to roll back in the active Environment.
  • Select the Re-deploy button.
  • An overlay showing the diff between the current and the selected Deployment will show up.
  • Add a comment and confirm by selecting Re-deploy on the overlay.
Example for roll back a Deployment
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