App Details Screen

Understand the App Details Screen in Humanitec.


The App Details Screen is the control centre of an App. From here you can update configuration, make deployments in various environments, inspect configuration history and access information on workloads running in the App.

  1. The App switcher shows the name of the current active App. Clicking on it allows you to switch to other Apps you have access to.

  2. Clicking the App Settings button opens the App Settings Screen for the active App.

  3. The Environment selector shows the current active Environment in the screen. You can switch active Environments by clicking on them or selecting them with the đź”˝ at the right hand end.

  4. The Deploy button will deploy or re-deploy the current active Deployment or Draft into the active Environment.

  5. The Draft & Deployment list shows the currently active Draft or Deployment. Clicking on a Draft or Deployment causes the Workload area to update to the selected item.

  6. The Workload area shows the Workloads configured for the active App in the selected Deployment or Draft.

Draft & Deployment list

The Draft & Deployment list controls the version of the App being displayed in the Workload area.

The Draft & Deployment list is split into 3 sections:

  1. The active Draft. holds proposed changed for the next deployment. When this item is selected, the Workload area becomes editable.

  2. The Active deployment is what is currently deployed in the active Environment. When selected, the Workload area shows the status of the workloads currently running in the active Environment.

  3. The Past deployment are all previous deployments that have occurred in the active Environment. When selected, the Workload area shows the configuration of the app at the time of that deployment.


You can find more information on how to work with Apps here.