Deployments in Humanitec
A Deployment in Humanitec is an update to the state of a running Environment. This could include updates to the version of code, application configuration or even resources. Humanitec stores the history of every deployment that happens in an environment.
Deployments can be triggered by Users via the UI, CLI or API and by various forms of Automation.


Each Environment in Humanitec holds a history of all deployments into it. Along with metadata about how the deployment was triggered, when and an optional comment the core data recorded about a deployment is the Deployment Set that was deployed. The history can be analysed to understand what the material changes were in Application Configuration between any two deployments by "diffing" the Deployment Sets deployed in each deployment.
It is also possible to roll back the state of the environment to a past deployment by re-deploying the Deployment Set.


The deployment process in Humanitec is very flexible. It is not normally required for most users of Humanitec to understand the process in detail. However, for Platform Teams, it can be useful to understand the steps in detail.