Connecting your CI pipelines to Humanitec


Humanitec manages the Continuous Delivery (CD) process from the end of your Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline right through to your running environments. For this to work, you must connect your CI pipelines to Humanitec.

For instructions specific to your CI pipeline, see the following pages:

Humanitec also supports other CI solutions such as Gitlab, Jenkins, etc. Contact us for more information and the required code snippets.

Image Sources

In the context of Humanitec, a CI pipeline is a type of Image Source. An Image Source provides Humanitec with container images which can then be deployed with your environments as modules.

Image Sources can be connected to Humanitec through organizations. To see the Image Sources connected to your organization, click the profile icon in the top right, go to Organization Settings. Then, select the Images tab.

Add an Image Source

To add an Image Source:

  1. Log in to Humanitec and click on the profile icon in the top right.
  2. Click Organization Settings.
  3. Select the Images tab.
  4. Click the button that corresponds with the image source you want to connect.
  5. Follow the instructions provided.