Manage Resource Dependencies

Learn how to manage databases and other External Resources your App needs in Humanitec.


Your DevOps team can manage all databases and other External Resources you need for your Apps. The resources used can be configured individually for each Environment Type. See the App Configuration Management section for more details.

Define Resource Dependencies

You can add databases and other External Resources from the Workload Details Screen.
  • Click on Add resource in the Resource dependencies section of the Workload Details Page.
  • Select the resource you want to add to the Workload.
How to add a Resource Dependency to a Workload
When you add a External Resource to a Workload, the required resource will be provisioned for each Environment the Workload is deployed into.

Database Example

Let's assume you connected a database as a Resource Dependency to your Workload. The connection parameters for the database can be built up (depending on how your Container works) using Variable Substitutions.
For example for a PostgreSQL database, the Environment Variables available are:
  • ${}
  • ${}
  • ${externals.postgres.port}
  • ${externals.postgres.username}
  • ${externals.postgres.password}

Remove Resource Dependencies

You can remove Resource Dependencies from the Workload Details Screen.
  • Click the 3 dots on the tile of the resource your want to remove from the Workload.
  • Select Remove from the dropdown menu.
How to remove a Resource Dependency