Manage Cronjob Schedules

This feature is part of the Humanitec default-cronjob Workload Profile. Learn more about Workload Profiles types and features in our Concepts section.
The cronjob schedules feature in Humanitec allows you to define one or more schedules under which a Workload should run as a Kubernetes CronJob. Learn how to specify a series of schedules and container overrides for cronjobs below.
To add your first schedule:
  • Start on the Workload Details Page and navigate to the cronjob schedules section. If you haven't created a Workload yet, please start here.
  • Click the Add (cronjob schedule) button. This will open a configuration dialog box.
  • Type in a name for the schedule. This must be a valid Humanitec ID.
  • Next, you can configure the job schedule. Cronjobs have to be in the form of a valid CRON expression. You can define a schedule to run by a minute, hour, day of the month, month, day of the week, or any combination of these.
  • In the container overrides section you have the option to specify command and argument overrides for each container of your Workload.
  • Click on Save changes.
How to add cronjob schedules to your Workload
After successfully configuring a cronjob schedule you can edit or delete it any time by clicking the button and selecting the according option.
Find out more about the cronjob schedule Workload Profile Feature in our Concepts section: