Add Labels & Annotations

Kubernetes Pods support labels and annotations. These are often used to interact with in-cluster operators. For example, collecting metrics in Prometheus or auto-discovery of services for a Gateway.
Depending on how this feature is implemented by the Workload Profile itself, this may only make up a subset of the labels and annotations on the Pod.
To specify labels and annotations in Humanitec:
  • Start on the Workload Details Page and navigate to the labels & annotations section. If you haven't created a Workload yet, please start here.
  • Click on the labels & annotations card. This will open a configuration dialog box.
  • You now have the option to add labels or annotations by clicking on the + Add label or + Add annotation buttons. Both are defined as key-value pairs but validated slightly differently. Check the requirements below for further information:
  • Once you're done, click on Save changes.
How to add labels and annotations to your Workload
You can edit or delete the labels and annotations in your Workload anytime by re-accessing the configuration dialog box.
Find out more about the labels and annotations Workload Profile Features in our Concepts section: