Automate Deployments
Learn how to set up automation rules for your Deployments in Humanitec.


Humanitec makes it easy to automate Deployments in any Environment based on Rules whenever a new Image build is pushed by your CI pipelines. For example, you can configure Humanitec to re-deploy your Development Environment every time a new container image is built on the dev branch using the new container image.

Create an Automation Rule

You can create Automation Rules from the Environment Settings Screen.
  • Select the Environment in which you want to create an Automation Rule.
  • Click on the three dots next to the Environment name and select Environment Settings.
The Environment Settings Screen
  • In the Automation section select + Add rule.
  • Each Automation Rule can apply to All images, Selected images, or All images except.
  • The Automation Rules can be triggered when the Latest tag or Head of branch are pushed to Humanitec.
  • The Latest tag or Head of branch can be specified in the field That matches, using regular expressions. If the field is empty, it will match any Latest tag or Head of branch.
Example for Automation Rules
Once a new Image is built, Humanitec will initiate a new Deployment to the Environment based on your Automation Rules.
At any point in time, you can deploy manually by clicking the Deploy button in the top right corner of the App Details Screen.
All automatically triggered Deployments are tracked in the Deployment history. You can see - in real-time - when an automatic Deployment is running in your Environment.
Example for a automatically triggered Deployments

Deactivate Automation

If you would like to keep your Automation Rules but stop the automatic Deployments, you can deactivate your Automation Rules starting on the App Details Screen.
  • Select the Environment that you want to edit.
  • Click on the three dots next to this Environment and select Automation from the dropdown.
  • If the toggle next to your Automation Rule is blue, it is Active. Click on the toggle to deactivate the Automation Rule.
  • Click Done.

Delete an Automation Rule

You can delete an Automation Rule starting on the Environment Settings Screen.
  • Click Delete next to the Automation Rule that you want to remove.
  • Click Done.
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