Deploy to Environments

In this section, you will learn how to deploy, what happens at deployment time, how to diff and version Deployments, and how you can automate Deployments.


Managing and automating Deyploments in an easy-to-understand, reliable, and scalable way is an important element of an Internal Developer Platform. Humanitec enables your teams and developers to work with Deployments in a very similar way they are working code: Deployments can be diffed, patched, etc. This section explains how all of this works in Humanitec.
Each App - consisting of Workloads, External Resources, and Application Configurations - is ready to be deployed. The non-environment-specific parts of the configuration are called Deployment Set in Humanitec. A Deployment Set allows you to move your Deployment from one Environment to another Environment. A Deployment Set can be exported as Manifests. This allows you to have a representation of each Deployment that you can...
  • ... roll back to,
  • ... diff to see changes with respect to another specific Deployment, and
  • ... spin up in new Environments.
Interested in what happens if you click Deploy in Humanitec?

Important Concepts

Table of Contents

Understand Deployment Sets

Work with Deployments

Automate Deployments