Manage App Members

Learn how to assign App level roles in Humanitec

Managing access with Roles

Humanitec uses Roles to assign privileges to Users in a system. Roles encapsulate the granular permissions that a User will need in order to perform certain tasks associated with their job. Each User can have Roles in specific Organizations, Applications, and Environment Types. Learn more about Role-Based Access Control in Humanitec below:

Application Roles

Existing organization members can be assigned application roles, which cover permissions that affect a specific App.
Has read-only access to the App.
Can update Configuration, Shared Values and Secrets, create and delete Environments.
Same as the Developer Role, but can additionally configure Webhooks, invite and remove Users from the App and delete the App.


  • The User who originally created the App will have the Owner Role by default.
  • Developer and Owner Roles can only create, delete, or deploy to Environments with the Environment Type they have the Deployer Role for.
  • An Owner will not be able to delete an App unless they have the Deployer Role for all the Environment Types used in the App.

Adding Users to an Application

To add users to an Application, you will need to have the Administrator role within your Organization or hold the Owner role on the App. Learn more about RBAC in Humanitec here.
  • Start on the App Settings Screen and scroll down to the App members section.
  • Enter the email address or name of the User to add in the text box at the top.
  • Select a role for the User to add from the Role dropdown.
  • Click the Submit button.
User Roles for existing members can be changed on the App Members list.
Add new app members
Our CLI is currently in closed beta. Please contact us if you want to learn more.
You can add new users to an App via the Add Users endpoint.