Work with Apps

Learn how to create and configure Apps in Humanitec


Developers using Humanitec will spend most of their time working with Apps. An App in Humanitec consists of one or more Workloads which run together in the same Kubernetes namespace. A Workload is made up of one or more Containers alongside their configuration. Configuration can be things like Environment Variables passed into a Container, Configuration Files mounted inside the container, CPU and Memory limits and dependencies on resources outside the cluster such as databases.
Humanitec allows developers to create and configure Apps through the UI, CLI, or API without having to edit YAML files or run kubectl commands.
Apps are thought of as Projects in some organizations. The important thing to remember is that all of the Workloads in an App / Project run in the same Kubernetes namespace.
Note that there is also a more conceptual Guide for App Configuration Management for the DevOps team.

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