Getting started with Humanitec (videos)

Learn how to get started with Humanitec in 3 videos.


Getting started with Humanitec to build your own Internal Developer Platform is easy. We created a series of 3 videos to show you how to connect your infrastructure, how to create your first application, and how to work with applications.

We offer a 45-day unlimited free trial to everybody interested. The free trial comes with pre-connected infrastructure to allow for a quick start. But it's unlimited beyond that and allows you to connect your own infrastructure and fully test Humanitec for 45 days.

To get started with Humanitec, head over to our website to request a free trial. We will send you instructions on how to start your free trial right away.

Video 1 - Connect your infrastructure

Learn how to connect the following infrastructure:

  • CI pipelines

  • Kubernetes clusters

  • Databases

  • DNS

Video 2 - Create your first application

Learn how to create, configure, and deploy your first application in Humanitec.

Video 3 - Work with applications

Learn how to work with applications and how to set up continuous deployment using Humanitec:

  • Create new environments

  • Automate deployments

  • Trigger deployment notifications

  • Move deployments between environments

  • Roll back to old deployments