Workload Profiles in Deployment Sets
Each workload in Humanitec has an associated Workload Profile. This is defined in a Deployment Set via the profiles property in the module object. The parameters for the deployment set are specified via the spec property. The content of the spec property depends on the features that a particular Workload Profile supports.
The Deployment Set still uses the term module to refer to workload. This will change at some point in 2022. When this happens, the version property of the deployment set will be incremented to 1. Old deployment sets will continue to function with module.


The following deployment set defines a single workload with the profile: humanitec/default-profile. The workload contains 1 container and has an environment variable of MY_ENV_VAR set in it.
"modules": {
"my-workload": {
"externals": {},
"profile": "humanitec/default-module",
"spec": {
"containers": {
"my-container": {
"id": "sample-service",
"image": "",
"variables": {
"MY_ENV_VAR": "Hello World!"
"shared": {}


Generates a series of Kubernetes CronJobs. The Workload Profile allows multiple schedules to be defined in one workload.
Generates a of Kubernetes Job that is run at deployment time.
Generates a Kubernetes Deployment which will roll out a ReplicaSet. This is the most commonly used Workload Profile.