Spin up your first application

Experience the day-to-day workflows for application developers on an Internal Developer Platform and learn how to spin up a new application in 5 minutes using our free trial.


We offer a 45-day unlimited free trial to everybody interested. The free trial comes with pre-connected infrastructure to allow for a quick start. But it's unlimited beyond that and allows you to connect your own infrastructure and fully test Humanitec for 45 days.

To get started with Humanitec, head over to our website to request a free trial. We will send you instructions on how to start your free trial right away.

Example Workflows

This documentation features two tutorials for you to experience the free trial.

Create a new Application

Internal Developer Platforms empower your teams to take an idea from code to production autonomously. In this tutorial, we show you how to create and configure a new application in 5 minutes.

Everyday Workflows

In this tutorial, we show you how a development team works with an Internal Developer Platform on a daily basis. We show you how they can create new environments, roll back to an older deployment, define automation rules, and more. We will use a pre-connected sample application to demonstrate all of this.