Understand how we price and what options you have.

Humanitec comes in different tiers to fit your needs. Please refer to our pricing page for more details. Each tier offers an unlimited number of applications, environments, and integrations. They differ in terms of the total amount of users and deployments, the number of stored log messages, as well as the level of support.

Did you know, that you can test Humanitec without signing up and without connecting any of your own infrastructure? Just head over to our free trial and get a first impression of the developer experience with an Internal Developer Platform.

Free Trial

We do offer a 45 day unlimited free trial to everybody interested. Just reach out to us via the pricing page or the Help page and let us set this up for you and your organization.

Tier 1: Community Edition

The Community Edition is free forever. It is the best choice for small teams of up to 5 developers with a maximum of 50 deployments per week across all environments. The storage time for logs and the number of API tokens are also limited with this edition and it only offers community support.

Tier 2: Team Edition

The Team Edition is the best choice for small organizations with a limited number of teams and applications. It supports up to 75 users and adds weekday support compared to the Community Edition. Prices are available upon request.

Tier 3: Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition is the best solution for midsize and large organizations with multiple teams running a large number of applications. It allows for an unlimited number of users and adds 24/7 premium support. Prices are available upon request.

For more information visit our pricing page.