Humanitec overview

What is Humanitec?

Humanitec simplifies the life of Developers and DevOps practitioners building Kubernetes based applications. It does this by providing structure and automation around tasks that usually involve:

  • a lot of context switching,
  • a high level of complexity or
  • waiting for another person to perform some activity.

This reduces the cognitive load on development teams meaning they can better focus on what is core to their role. More focused and less distracted teams generally perform better.

Continuous Delivery as a Service

Humanitec allows teams to easily adopt a “Continuous Delivery” (CD) approach. Many of the tasks Humanitec structures and automates are important for Continuous Delivery including:

  • deployments to Kubernetes,
  • management of environments,
  • application configuration across environments,
  • automatic provisioning of databases and other (managed) services.

Therefore teams using Humanitec can easily implement a CD flow.

API and UI

Humanitec aims to improve the developer experience independently from personal preferences such as using APIs / CLIs only vs. preferring UIs.

Humanitec is designed API-first and offers an open API for all CD related tasks. DevOps practitioners can use the API to automate all processes for the developer teams. Head over to the API Reference secion for more detailed information on the API.

Humanitec also offers a developer-focused UI to allow self-service for all developers and to support debugging of problems in a graphical way.

What Humanitec is not

Humanitec is not:

  • A Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    Humanitec provides structure and automation around open standards such as Kubernetes and offers a developer experience comparable to a PaaS. However, the infrastructure is market-standard and very often managed by the teams using Humanitec’s clients.
  • A Continuous Integration (CI) tool
    Most teams invested a lot of time in setting up their CI pipelines. Humanitec believes in preserving this effort and integrates between the end of existing customer’s CI pipelines and the infrastructure. The CI pipeline acts as an input to Humanitec.

Technical requirements

Humanitec is supported on the current and previous major release of Desktop Google Chrome.

Supported Kubernetes platforms

Humanitec currently supports GKE (GCP), EKS (AWS), and AKS (Azure) out of the box. Support for other Kubernetes platforms is generally possible on an individual basis. Please reach out to Humanitec’s support for more details.

Compliance protocol

Much of the software we use is open source. For example, we use Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Nginx, RabbitMQ, Celery, and React. Each of these software libraries may or may not include additional open-source libraries that can be found in the detailed documentation for each.