Register a custom Driver

A custom Driver is essentially a simple API service. Therefore you need to notify Humanitec about how to consume it. This process is only available via the Humanitec API.
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    The registration process is completed via a single POST request to the Humanitec API at the{orgId}/resources/drivers endpoint. Here you notify Humanitec about the type of driver, the types of account credentials supported, the driver-specific input parameters (as a JSON Schema), whether to make the driver publicly available, the URL that it can be accessed from, and give it an id.
export HUMANITEC_ORG="my-org"
export HUMANITEC_TOKEN="my-token"
curl -X POST${HUMANITEC_ORG}/resources/drivers
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'
-H 'Authorization: Bearer ${HUMANITEC_TOKEN}'
-d @- <<EOF
"id": "demo-driver",
"type": "s3",
"account_types": [
"inputs_schema": $(cat my_driver_schema.json),
"is_public": false,
"target": ""