Custom Resource Drivers


Drivers are used to establish the connection between Humanitec and your infrastructure. There is a growing number of Drivers available out-of-the-box in Humanitec, and the Terraform driver provides sufficient flexibility for most other cases.
Before writing a custom Driver, we recommend reaching out, as we most likely already have a solution.
We're currently working on improvements to the API spec for custom drivers that will, unfortunately, result in this spec being deprecated.
If you've already reached out to us and still need a custom Driver to connect currently unsupported infrastructure to your Internal Developer Platform, this section will show you how.

Virtual drivers

Virtual Drivers represent a middle ground between writing your own custom Driver and using a generic Driver such as the Terraform driver. Virtual Drivers can be used when many Resource Definitions use the same driver with a set of shared inputs. They make reusing complex driver configurations in multiple Resource Definitions simple.

Creating a custom driver

Drivers are web services that fulfill the Humanitec Resource Driver API. This interface allows Humanitec to perform specific actions, such as creating and destroying Resources as required to fulfill a Deployment. Drivers typically call APIs associated with managed services. They use the credentials provided by the relevant Resource Accounts to manipulate Resources.
If you are interested in getting support for writing your own Driver, please get in touch with us, as we are happy to support you.

Registering your Driver

Once you've written your own Driver, you'll need to register it with the Humanitec API before you can use it. Once registered you'll be able to select it from the Driver list for a given Resource Type in the Resource Management screen or via the Humanitec Platform API