Working with External Resources


Humanitec can manage and provision dependencies that are external to the cluster. These are known as “External Resources”.

  • Postgres databases provided via a managed service such as Google CloudSQL,
  • DNS Names provisioned using a DNS service such as Cloudflare Managed DNS or
  • S3 buckets provided by Amazon S3.

Using external resources as a developer

As a developer, Humanitec makes it really easy to make use of an external resource. You simply:

  • declare a dependancy on the type of the resource your module needs,
  • use the provided variable substitutions to configure your module to use the resource and
  • deploy your application.

Humanitec will figure out how to provision the resource your module needs when you deploy.

Here you can find a list of currently supported resource types.

Configuring external resources

Humanitec provides a powerful way for Operations teams to configure how a dependency on a resource of a particular type is provisioned.

See Connecting your Resources for details.

In addition, there are a number of resource types that are treated differently. These include DNS and Kubernetes Clusters.