Deployment Management

Learn how to implement continuous deployment processes with Humanitec.


Deployment Management is an important step in enabling Continuous Delivery or even Continuous Deployment. Humanitec enables you to design and implement fully automated deployment processes that can be easily changed and adopted by your developers. Let's look at a typical end-to-end automated deployment process and how it can be implemented in your Internal Developer Platform.

Git Push

Every deployment automation starts with new code being pushed to a Git repository. Humanitec offers out-of-the-box integrations for the most widely used CI tools. We know that CI pipelines are hard to standardize across an entire company and that CI tools might differ between teams within the same company. The good thing is that this doesn't matter with respect to your Internal Developer Platform. Just use the integration suitable for your CI tool and inform Humanitec about every new successful built container image.

If you want to learn more about CI tool integrations check out this section:

Automated Deployment

With Humanitec, you can define rules for what should happen when a new container image gets available. These rules can be fine-tuned based on parameters like the branch, the image, or tags and can be defined for each Environment separately. The good thing is that developers can define these rules themselves when creating a new Environment. That means fewer things to take care of for you as as the DevOps team.

If you want to learn more about automation rules check out this section:

Get Notified

Automated deployments are a great thing but how do you know that a certain deployment was successful or failed? With Humanitec you can use webhooks to trigger actions after every single deployment. Typical examples are starting a certain automated test suite or sending a message to internal communication tools such as Slack or MS Teams.

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Further Reading

Deployment Management in Humanitec is so much more than just enabling a Continuous Deployment Approach. With Humanitec, you can deal with Deployments in a very similar way to how you are dealing with code. You can diff deployments, roll back to previous deployments, create patches, etc. You also have clear audit trails for every deployment. This can be a huge relief especially if you are working in a regulated industry. Check out this section for more details in Deployments.