Customize the Baseline Configuration

Learn how to define your own Profiles in Humanitec.


Humanitec provides a Baseline Configuration that is used to deploy each Workload. This Baseline Configuration is called Profile. At deployment time, Humanitec takes the default Profile, applies the changes you as DevOps team or the developers made for any specific Workload, and creates the manifests that are used to deploy each Workload. This separation between the configuration of any specific Workload and the Baseline Configuration significantly simplifies Application Configuration Management.

While we try to keep things simple we also know that there can be very specific requirements. You might want to apply certain labels or annotations to each Workload. Or you might even need to add Custom Resources to each Workload because that's for example how your home-grown monitoring solutions. We allow you to so by changing and enhancing the default Profile.

This feature is currently in closed beta. Please reach out to us if you want to get access to it.