Expose Workload with a Public URL

Learn how to make Workloads available via a public URL in Humanitec.


Especially the frontend of your App needs to be available via a Public URL. Humanitec allows you to specify Public URLs for any of your Workloads. This section explains how.

Expose with Public URL

You can expose any Workload with a public URL from the Workload Details Screen.

  • Check the box to Expose with public URL.

  • Define the Service Port to be used.

You need to redeploy your App to make this change to the configuration.

Example to expose with a public URL

The public URL that the Workload is exposed with is shown on the Workload tile on the App Details Screen once you redeployed the App.

Example for a Workload that is exposed with a public URL

Your Devo

Other workloads can use the workload’s DNS name (and in-cluster IP address) as Environment Variables in the Variables section. Enter a Variable Substitution in the value field with the format: ${modules.{WORKLOAD-NAME}.service.external-name}.

See the Environment Variables section for more information.

Remove Public URL