Add Sidecar Containers

Learn how to manage Sidecar Containers with Humanitec.


If your App requires multiple containers in a workload (e.g., a sidecar for logging or monitoring), you can add additional container images to a Workload. This section explains how.

Add Sidecar Containers

You can add Sidecar Containers to your Workload from the Workload Details Screen.

  • Click on a plus icon next to your container in the workload configuration view.

  • Select the container image, give it a name, and click Create.

  • You will see a new container appear next to your current container. You can configure your containers separately by clicking on their names.

Example to add containers to a Workload

You can configure each Container in a Workload separately.

Delete Sidecar Containers

You can delete Sidecar Container from the Workload Details Screen.

  • Click on the 3 dots next to the Container you want to delete.

  • Select Remove from the dropdown menu.

Example to remove a Sidecar Container from a Workload