Export Manifests (Humanitec and GitOps)

Learn how to export manifests for any Deployment within Humanitec.


Managing Deployments in an automated, easy-to-use, and scalable way is one of the core strengths of an Internal Developer Platform. However, we are fully aware that your setup might require accessing the manifests used for the deployment of your Apps directly. That's why we are providing options to export the manifests for any Deployment you ran through Humanitec. You can use these exports to leave Humanitec - which we really don't hope for - or to create GitOps workflows such as a completely isolated deployment process for production based on the manifests from your pre-production/staging environment that you handle with Humanitec.

Download Manifests

You can download the manifests for any Deployment you ran with Humanitec by selecting Export Manifests from the dropdown menu next to the specific Deployment.
Example for exporting manifests
From the dialog box, you can trigger the export process. The export might take a while. You can thus close the dialog box and continue to work in Humanitec. Once the export is ready to be downloaded, you can simply download the zipped manifest and use it the way you want.
Example for a manifest ready to be downloaded
Please reach out to us if your setup requires a different way to export manifests. We are happy to help you.