Add Configuration as a File on the Container Level

Learn how to add and manage Configuration as a File on the Container Level in Humanitec.


Some coding languages and frameworks rely on the configuration provided in a file on the Container level. Humanitec supports this approach.

Create Configuration Files

You can create new Configuration Files for each Container within your Workload from the Workload Details Screen.
Example for a Configuration File on the Workload Details Page
When creating a new Configuration File you need to enter the following elements:
  • The Path to the file including the filename and extension.
  • The Mode for the file to define the access permission.
  • The Content of the file which you can enter into a code editor window that opens once you specified the Path and Mode for the file to be created.

Change and Delete Configuration Files

You can review, edit, and delete existing Configuration Files on the Workload Details Screen. The content of the file can be viewed by clicking on the chevron icon on the left of the file. To edit its content, click on the pencil icon. Files are deleted by clicking on the trash can icon next to the edit file.