Orchestrate Infrastructure
Learn how to wire up and orchestrate your infrastructure with Humanitec


An Internal Developer Platform allows you as a DevOps team to define, manage, and control the infrastructure that is used by all other teams in their day-to-day work. This reduces or even eliminates requests from developers to set up infrastructure or apply changes. They can just do it themselves while your team stays in full control. Infrastructure Orchestration in Humanitec allows you to...
  • ... connect your existing CI setup
  • ... connect your existing infrastructure (such as Kubernetes clusters, databases, file storage, DNS) either as static resources or to support dynamic environment creation (e.g., for feature branch environments)
  • ... define environment types (such as development, QA, staging, production) and assign the specific infrastructure that is used in these environment types
This section explains all the different concepts and how to set up Infrastructure Orchestration for your team.
Humanitec can dynamically create resources whenever a new environment is created and delete them when the environment is deleted. It also allows you to connect certain environments with static resources that you manage yourself.

Important Concepts

Table of Content

Connect Existing Infrastructure

Define and Manage Environment Types

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