Basic terms and concepts


In the context of Walhall, an app is a set of repositories that have been linked from your GitHub organization (known as modules) that has been deployed to an environment in Kubernetes. In Walhall, you can manage the deployment configurations and secrets for your app.

Deployment draft

A deployment draft is a set of changes to the environment that is scheduled to be deployed. It shows you a preview of the changes that will be applied before you deploy them.

When you create an app, the platform will create a deployment environment and take you to the overview screen. Before you can deploy the environment, you must click the Create Draft button. Then, you can make any necessary configuration changes to your modules or to the environment, and you can preview the changes when you click the Deploy button.


A deployment environment is a designated space on Walhall’s Kubernetes infrastructure where your app runs. At this time, you can create up to three environments per app.

See the Environments page for more details.


A module is a code repository that has been linked to Walhall from your GitHub organization. Modules can be added to apps and deployed together to form microservice architectures.

See the Modules page for more details.

Org admin

An org admin is a GitHub user with administrative privileges to a given organization that’s been linked with Walhall.

See the GitHub organizations page for more details.

Org user

An org user is a GitHub user that is part of an organization that’s been linked with Walhall.