Implement Walhall CI/CD


Walhall uses Drone for CI/CD. Modules created from blueprints include the Drone configuration by default.

You can view your builds under Builds will be listed by module. See the Drone documentation for more information about using Drone.

Add drone file to repository

First, you must create a .drone.yml file in the root of your module repository. You can find a template here.

Your service must also EXPOSE its content at port 8080. Example:

# Dockerfile
ENTRYPOINT ["bash", "/code/"]

Push a version tag

Next, you must push a release tag in the module’s repository.

The tag must follow this convention: X.X.X

Once you complete this step and refresh the list of modules in Walhall, then you will be able to add the module to your app and it will be considered deploy ready.